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This community was set up for the increase of politics appearing in livejournals. Obviously, this upcoming election is huge and with more and more people talking about it, we decided to give it a forum of its own.

There are two moderators, from the two major political parties. So this will be as fair and balanced as possible. Its up to you though, which ever side shows more interest in the community obviously will have a stronger showing.

Our rules are:
No name calling
As juvenile as that seems, it only weakens your point and the entire idea of debating for the sake of understanding. The moderators are the judges as to what is considered acceptable. We are very open and hope to not have to force this rule but whatever is necessary to keep this a debate, not an immature, illogical attack on anyone.
It really isn't all that serious, but we would suggest doing a little backround research on what you chose to argue for or against. Fallacies and other illogical statements will be called out on in hopes for you to make yourself more clear or start researching what you are talking about.

Pretty much, argue in a manner that you think may actual persuade people, not offend them and to a have a common respect for those who have taken the time to gain the knowledge of whats going on in our country regardless of their political party.