a l i c i a (__indefinetly) wrote in debatebitches,
a l i c i a

im sorry i havent been updating often, and im sorry i havent figured out how to get you all to be able to post in here but...

i wanted to draw attention to something anne brought up

i was reading the section in the Tribune called the Vent. it is where people can call in and say something and hope it will appear in the paper. i found one that was quite upsetting to me.

"For you Christians who actually vote Democratic in this presidential election, understand this: You are choosing John Kerry over Jesus. I hope you can live with it."

i think that is pretty uncalled for.
republican or democratic, you have to agree that that is taking it one step out of line.


i personally cant wait for the election to be over. unfortunetly, no matter who wins...its not going to end on nov. 2nd
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