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Things have been going pretty well so far, so thanks for participating.
There are some problems with the community for other members to post entries but I will work on that sometime this week. Though it seems you guys are doing well on your own in the comment section.

I would like to remind you on the main focus of this debating community. It is based on sharing information and opinions in a persuasive manner. I haven't called anyone out yet for their behavior but please keep your arguments as intelligent as possible and less "teenager" lingo. I personally just think it makes you sound more confident and aware on your issue.

In our first entry, where it was a get-to-know-you and spun off on a debate primarily on homosexuality, I would like to being up a few good and poor points.

I was very disappointed to read that someone didn't believe in the seperation of church and state. That was one of the most major points in out Constitution. I just can't imagine them being able to accept Jewish or Muslim references in how our laws are passed, its only because their religion is in favor.

As far as gay marriage goes, I'm sure we will see that possibly in all of our debates, whether its mentioned in the original subject or not. But we do have to remember that many people are very stong in their faith. Doesn't make them any better or even right but it is beyond an opinion, part of the way they see all life. But Mike, you conveyed your opinion very well. Though I don't agree, I respect the manner in which you agrued and the points you brought up. Monty, you always bring much intelligence and comic relief to the table so I'm very happy you joined.

Nothing ill came out of the debates as of yet, so good job, guys. But do keep in mind, as things get more heated, that this was set up to create more of an understanding amongst everyone and why they feel the way they do.

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